giovedì, novembre 22, 2007

Fantastična pobjeda na Wembleyu

Hrvatska ide u Euro2008, dobar futbol (oops.. nogomet) i sretan put!

martedì, novembre 20, 2007

Osce about Kosovo elections

PRISTINA, 18 November 2007 - The elections in Kosovo give its provisional self-government institutions legitimacy and will help promote democracy, the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said today.

"By casting ballots, voters in Kosovo have given the Assembly of Kosovo, the municipal assemblies and the mayors the necessary authority to carry out their work," the Minister said. "The vote was an important day for Kosovo's democratic development, and the further implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244."

The Chairman-in-Office added: "The key now is for the elected political leadership to set a positive example by working constructively together so they can start serving the people of Kosovo and finding solutions to their concerns."

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo provided election support and assistance to Kosovo's provisional institutions of self-government through the Central Election Commission. Preparations for the elections included measures to ensure that eligible voters in all areas, particularly in those where Kosovo Serbs live, had the possibility to cast ballots.

The Chairman-in-Office said he was impressed by the dedication and professionalism of local election officials, who led the elections process for the first time and deserved credit for their technical and operational work. He said he regretted the low turnout of Kosovo Serbs.

The elections were monitored by international observers from the Council of Europe. In addition, more than 25,000 domestic observers from political entities and local non-governmental organizations were accredited.

lunedì, novembre 19, 2007

Kosovo: after the elections what?

According to some NGOs that monitored the electoral process, Hashim Thaci's Pdk would have won the majority into the new parliament; a defeat for Fatmir Sejdiu's Ldk: the outcoming pm should keep the power building a coalition with Thaci.
Few citizens have gone to polling stations (44%), while the Serbs have boycotted the elction.
One more time the destiny of this unlucky province seems to be in the hands of the international community, hoping in a quick solution, if possible peaceful.

Bandiera della Jugoslavia che fu