lunedì, gennaio 29, 2007

Agreement on Visa Relaxations between Serbia and Italy comes into force

Belgrade, Jan 19, 2007 – The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Agreement on Visa Relaxations between Serbia and Italy has come into force today, bearing in mind that Italian institutions completed its adoption procedure.

According to provisions of this agreement, the Italian embassy in Belgrade will issue free-of-charge visas to certain categories of Serbian citizens, whereas Serbian competent organs will grant residential visas to Italian citizens also free-of-charge in line with the reciprocity principle.

(Relaxed visa agreement for Italy signed

Belgrade, Sept 11, 2006 – Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Draskovic signed today on behalf of the Serbian government with Italian Ambassador to Serbia Alessandro Merola the agreement on visa relaxations for Serbian citizens.

The Italian Embassy to Belgrade will issue free visas for certain categories of citizens starting from the date when both countries ratify this agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

These categories include students on study trips and their companions, members of folklore groups, participants in exchange programmes of twin cities, members of sport teams participating in games at the invitation of the Olympic Committee or Italian sports associations as well as persons who go to Italy for medical treatment.

Free three-month visas for Italy will be issued to members of official delegations whereas multi-entrance visas can be issued for a duration of five years to businesspeople who have necessary guarantees.

Free one-year visas will be issued for scientists, representatives of culture and universities as well as students and research workers who travel for study reasons.

Serbian authorities will issue free residence visas to Italian citizens, the Ministry said.)

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