sabato, maggio 12, 2007

Serbia has a new Government

DS, DSS and G17 Plus offically announced they agreed on the new government. Tadic nominates Kostunica PM

A statement issued by the Cabinet of the Serbian President reads that an agreement has been reached tonight that the new Serbian parliament speaker be from the Democratic Party and that caucuses of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Serbia-New Serbia and G17 Plus submit the draft law on ministries to the Serbian Parliament.

According to the agreement struck between the three coalition partners in the democratic bloc, the structure of the government is as follows:

DSS/NS: Prime Minister; Ministries: Internal Affairs, Energy, Infrastructure, Kosovo and Metohija, Trade, Education, Religion.

DS: Vice President for European Integration, Ministries: Finance, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Justice, Telecommunications and IT, Labor and Social Policy, State Administration and Local Self-Government, Environment, Culture, Diaspora, minister without portfolio for National Investment Plan

DS will also provide the Speaker in Parliament. President of Serbia and DS leader Boris Tadic will coordinate the security services as head of the Council for National Security.

G17 Plus: Ministries:Economy and Regional Development, Health, Science, Youth and Sport

The constitutive session of Parliament has been scheduled for 20.30 today.

SRS leader and current Speaker in Parliament Tomislav Nikolic told the press that after consulting the parliamentary caucuses, he would open the session with a debate on the motion by 127 deputies for his dismissal.

Deadline for new government Tuesday night

The deadline for appointing the new government runs out on May 15 at midnight, not a day earlier, as some said in the past few days, Slobodan Vucetic, President of the Constitutional Court told the press. The Constitution also stipulates that the Parliament is dissolved if the new government is not appointed 90 days after it is constituted.

The deputies will, however, have to appoint the new government by Tuesday midnight, not just start the debate.

(Picture: Požarevac, city hall)

venerdì, maggio 11, 2007

Horror in Serbia

Tomislav Nikolić (nella foto - a destra - con l'amico Šešelj) è il nuovo Presidente del Parlamento serbo.
Ogni commento è superfluo.

Bandiera della Jugoslavia che fu