giovedì, settembre 17, 2009

Meeting of SFRY successor states

A two-day meeting of the representatives of ex-Yugoslavia’s successor states will kick off today in Belgrade.

This meeting of successors, aimed at the discussing the issues relating the SFRY’s inheritance, comes two years after the last meeting held in 2007 in Slovenia.

The agenda includes execution of the agreement on inheritance in all its dimensions, Slovenian high representative for succession Rudi Gabrovec told Ljubljana’s STA agency, adding that the meeting is envisaged to make clear “the progress achieved and identify the challenges that need addressing.”

According to the announcements, the representatives of ex-Yugoslavia successor countries will discuss the agreement on inheritance and all its annexes, including those referring to military property, cultural heritage, allotment of the diplomatic and consular offices, division of uncontested obligations toward the United Nations as well as the issue of mixed banks and state archives.


At 10:50 AM, Blogger BILJANA said...

Meeting of successors..
It's so sad.
Like meeting for the reading of the testament of someone who died..
And if I think about's a little bit like that..


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